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Associate Producer, Story development, Visual and Content research

Screened in Haifa Film festival

Broadcast on IPBC (Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation)



For one summer, Anat Zeltzer documents the city's diverse population. Talking to its residents, and sketching a diverse human fabric, an Israeli variety that forms the demography of the city today. Microcosm of Israel 2015. Documentation of the moments of encounter with the people of the city reveals each time another layer of tensions and alienation, societies and enemies, racism and struggle, education and culture and politics and past traumas.

"Summer in Arad" by director Anat Zeltzer is the documentation of the meetings that Anat held i with the people of Arad. 


Production company: Modi & Anat inc
Script: Anat Zeltzer and Moody Bar-On
Production and research: Amir Cohn
Editor: Ido Mukherik

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