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Truth Is Equal To The Sum Of All Perspectives

I'm a visual storyteller passionate about creating content that helps me and others see the world more clearly.

Whether creating an animated explainer, an interview-based portrait, or a branded documentary series, my work is, first and foremost, driven by my curiosity about people and their stories.


Filmmaking allows me to step into someone's head, listen to their narrative and uncover a new viewpoint of reality.

By doing so, I hope to expand viewer's perspective to understand this perplexing and fascinating world.


Explainers are an excellent way to share the bigger picture, Connect the dots and make sense of it all. Over the years I experimented with different styles of animation and storytelling techniques. I am endlessly aiming to perfect my ability to convey complex ideas into simple and accessible pieces.

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I have had the privilege of producing, directing, and shooting captivating documentaries that have traveled the globe and screened numerous festivals. My forte lies in the art of interviewing, delving deep into my subjects' lives, researching their narratives, and understanding their unique perspectives. Ultimately, I strive to identify the most compelling storytelling technique to share their story with the world.